As a specialized e-commerce agency, we create sustainable results for

next-generation brands with data-driven marketing and strategies.

What we do...

We created our own "HIROI"-framework, which we use to help 

e-commerce brands generate predictable growth and massively scale their sales without having to "sacrifice" profitability.

We combine our extensive Facebook Ads experience with advanced processes such as Funnel & Conversion Rate Optimization to increase our clients' monthly returns by more than 200% in 90 days.


Low profitability or ROAS on Facebook, inconsistent results, lack of campaign scalability and poor conversion rates are often a sign indicating that a well-thought-out growth strategy is not yet in place.


The "HIROI"-framework represents precisely this tested and proven growth strategy, which enables us to deliver measurable results for our clients day after day! We focus on long-term, ROI driven solutions instead of short-term success and only implement the strategies that make your customer acquisition predictable and scalable.


$12 Mill. +

Managed AdSpend

7 +

Years of Experience


∅ Return on AdSpend

Our Process - the "HI-ROI" - Framework

Step 1: Market Analysis & Offer

  • We analyse the business, the product, the sales processes and the target group to develop a clear positioning and message that resonates with the right audience.
  • Based on the company's goals, a detailed roadmap is defined to achieve these goals.
  • Before we work with targeted ads, we make sure that all processes and sales funnels are well structured and able to efficiently convert traffic into paying customers.

Step 2: Campaign Set-Up & Testing

  • We create and structure the advertising campaigns and start generating traffic via Facebook and Instagram. In 95% of the cases Facebook & Instagram Ads are the best approach due to their high reach and scalability.
  • Various combinations of offers, creatives and target audiences are tested to achieve the best results.
  • The conversion of traffic into sales requires a lot of testing and experimentation. It has a steep learning curve and campaigns need time to stabilize and become scalable.

Step 4: Optimizing the Conversion Rate

  • We ensure that more traffic is being converted into more sales and at the same time increase the profitability of your advertising campaigns.
  • The ad angles, campaign structure and sales pages are optimized to convert more visitors into paying customers and to showcase your products in the best possible way.

Step 3: Scaling

  • At this point we have found out which campaigns are extremely profitable, which message is best suited to each target market and we know how to reach your perfect customers.
  • The profitable advertising campaigns and retargeting campaigns can be scaled with more budget to generate even more sales.
  • We scale not only vertically, but also horizontally to maximize our potential. New audiences and marketing techniques are being explored and tested.
  • Ongoing campaign optimization ensures that we achieve the best possible results without limiting profitability.

Step 5: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

  • Most agencies and also brands lose sight of this point and thus sacrifice a lot of their profit.
  • Existing customers have bought your product, know and trust your brand, are satisfied, but in most cases are left alone and ignored afterwards...
  • Our goal is to support those customers, to offer cross- and up-sells, to maximize their customer lifetime value and thus further increase profitability.

Your Benefits 

Cost Efficiency


Predictable Results

More Traffic and Sales

Trust and Customer Loyalty

We know which strategies, offers, and creatives work best with social media.

We're not keeping anything! Everything we create, we create for our customers. You paid for it - you own it! 

We implement, design and test only those things that have a real impact on the performance and profitability.

Case Studies

Product Type:


Problem: No clear strategy, lack of tracking and retargeting options, low return-on-adspend


Adspend: >$15.000/mth.

Generated Revenue: >$195.000/mth.

ROAS: 1047%

Problem: No segmentation, weak retargeting, and no clear structure


Adspend: >$327.000

Generated Revenue: >$1.858.000

ROAS: 560%

Product Type:


Product Type:



Problem: Low adspend with 1.5x ROAS despite high organic following, no scalability and structure


Adspend: >$3.000/mtl.

Generated Revenue: >23.000/mtl.

ROAS: 800%

What Can You Expect From Our Call?

We take a look at your brand, current situation, and the sales processes together and discuss your future goals.

We develop a well-defined marketing strategy and look at how and where we can reach your target audience.

If we can help you reach new levels, we will put together a plan that you can implement alone or with our help.



An in-depth review and analysis 


Determine goals and direction


Efficient and convenient implementation


Monitoring and ongoing optimization 


Your long-term success is our main goal

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